Our Services

Offering Preconstruction Advisory and Material Sourcing Solutions

Our Value Proposition


We have knowledge of, and access to, the finest & most innovate material solutions

Working on high-end hospitality, residential and mixed-use developments, we have developed a strong understanding of the latest and finest materials used in the industry.


We achieve better rates with our buy-power, more competitive than commercially available in the US

As this is a core service of ours’, and a service that members of our team have performed for over 15 years in their career, we have developed a unique resource pool and buy-power within our supply chain.


We work with the Architects to optimize the design towards your target-budget

We have worked with the some of the most reputable Architectural firms in the World, keeping a sensitivity towards the design but optimizing it towards the production capability of the supply chain, and keep to the target budget when it comes to material supply.


We will help you breakdown furnish prices from install, so you negotiate better installation rates

The key in successfully procuring materials from the supply chain is to separate furnish from install prices. We help our Clients achieve this, and provide man-hour estimates on installation of materials that we are supplying, to better the negotiating position with installers.


With full-time presence in Europe and Asia, we track production at the manufacturer’s facility

We have presence full-time in all locations from where we source. We also speak the local languages. This allows us to have a robust prequalification, supply chain management, and production inspection process.


We offer a door to door solution for material supply, handling import, customs and logistics

We supply the material to our Client’s site or storage location, managing necessary logistics and import requirements. Our US based team is available to support our Clients throughout the process from purchasing to material handover.

3lite is the go-to company for procurement of Architectural Finishes, FF&E, Facade and Artwork

Preconstruction Services

Architectural Design Reviews

Our team of Architects and Engineers reviews the Architectural design, advising on inefficiencies and potential sourcing and operational risks. The goal of our design review is to guide the design early on to allow for optimization towards the supply chain capability, rather than conducting extensive VE workshops in later stages of the project. Our team has extensive experience with branded residences and luxury hotel chain standards.

Material & Alternates Studies

Our team has extensive expertise on finishes, FF&E and façade materials, i.e. technical characteristics, prices, sourcing and logistics – and often can recommend alternates to what has been specified, in order to allow for the most efficient solutions (neither ”over” nor “under” specified) that are feasible to source, within budget and can be installed with reasonable effort. We also arrange that all samples and mock-ups are provided for review by Architects.

Value Analysis Services

We conduct Value Engineering (VE) and Value Sourcing services in order to identify opportunities to optimize the design towards the supply chain and budget. We explore constraints within the production process (off-the-shelf vs custom, waste optimization), review technical criteria (thickness, formats, finishes…), identify suitable suppliers and geographic regions to source from, provide installation man-hour estimates (and how to reduce them with better design or assembly), etc.

Estimating + Quantity Take-Off Services

An essential component to a successful procurement process is a detailed quantity take-off, which we perform as a service. We also prepare detailed estimates (at a DDP level / Delivered Duties Paid) or perform reviews of estimates, on furnish of materials – giving our Client a better negotiating position for bidding out installation.

Procurement / Contract Strategy

We prepare a detailed procurement strategy for each project. We propose the best procurement route for global sourcing to optimize the process, develop a contract strategy, a procurement schedule, procurement monitoring / prequalification forms, a packaging strategy, shipping and logistics strategy, storage strategy, etc.

Offsite Inspections & Troubleshooting

Either during the design stage, and / or later upon placing the order, we perform inspections of the production process at the facility of the manufacturers. our team covers multiple languages, and we have presence in several locations in Europe and Asia, with qualified inspectors to perform QA/QC.

Material Supply

Material Sourcing (Act as supplier)

We act as a supplier of all materials and provide our Clients a one-stop shop that allows all materials to be sourced and shipped directly by 3lite to a pre-agreed location. 3lite purchases the materials, coordinates the supply chain, performs necessary inspections during the production / packaging / loading / unloading process, and other necessary activities.

Supply Chain Management (Act as purchasing agent or consultant)

If the Client opts to procure from other sources or direct from manufacturers, 3lite can also support Client as a Consultant to oversee the entire process and manage it on behalf of the Client. 3lite will coordinate and report on all activities as a third party whereas Client will be placing purchase orders directly with the supply chain.

Logistics Management

Our team will manage the process from placing the purchase order through to material handover to Client. We coordinate shipping (air / ocean freight), payment of customs, and delivery to Client’s site or storage location.