New York City Office Opening

3lite's Material Lab and Dsgnrr Gallery opened in Brooklyn Navy Yard

We are proud to announce that our office, Material Lab and Dsgnrr Gallery is now open in building number 77, Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City.

3lite’s team is comprised of architects and civil engineers with diverse experience in design, material production, project management and site quality control. Working on projects in the US and internationally, we have developed a sensitivity towards what it takes to deliver good design and quality materials.

All members of our team have unique expert knowledge of specific materials, including their technical performance, possible alternatives, and more, and we can embed this knowledge into our process and advise our clients on the most optimal material solutions that balance specifications requirements and budget / lead time constraints.

Working with reputable architects and interior designers on high-end projects in solving material sourcing challenges, we have developed a unique knowledge base of various material types and specs. We also arrange that all samples and mock-ups are provided for review by architects.

If you are interested in learning about high-end materials and finishes, 3lite would be delighted to host you in our Material Lab.

Dsgnrr Gallery

Dsgnrr’s art gallery is part of 3lite's team of art experts, interior designers and project managers, together with selected artists from Europe can produce custom work for our clients. We provide consultancy service for commission artwork, oversee the production and manage the delivery of the artwork.

We collaborate closely with the interior designers and the owner to create the vision, align expectations, and manage the process of providing unique artwork that match the budget. We take pride in our ability to provide a client-focused and personalized service. We develop mood boards, sketches, 3D renderings & visuals, and narratives to depict the vision of the art program.

We can deliver not only the artwork, but the framing, hanging mechanisms and custom lighting solutions for a fully inclusive art installation.

If you are an artist with an interest in Dsgnrr, it will be our pleasure to have you in our team full of talented people and your artworks in our gallery.

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