Marble & Wine

Marble from Inception to Delivery

A 3lite Special Event


Part of the series of Special Events that will be hosted by 3lite in their Brooklyn Material Lab, intended for developers, architects, interior designers, contractors, installers and others interested.

Why this Event

For high-end hotel, office and condo projects – a key feature of the interior and exterior design in natural stone.

However, often enough managing the price, design, quality control and delivery of stone on these projects can be a major challenge and not seldomly victim of VE or complete omission. 3lite’s team gave meaningful insight to those interested in implementing marble and other natural stone on their projects, that will turn desire into reality.

When & Where?


Wednesday, 9th February


6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

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Main topic covered were:


Know how you will source the stone

before fixing a design and specification


Avoid common mistakes

in sourcing and application of marble


Know your constraints with quarries

and manufacturer production abilities


Help your Client hit their budget

and meet the design intent


How will 3lite make your life easier

from inception to delivery


Oh, and we’ll also enjoy an evening

of fine Italian Wine!

Presentation Opening Slide

Slide Showing Main Marble Quarries Locations

Slide Showing Marble Finishes

Why 3lite? Slide

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