Crypto Monday Meeting

Monday June 6th, 6 pm - 9 pm 2022 – Dsgnrr Gallery

CryptoMondays is a Meetup for people who are passionate about crypto, want to talk about Crypto, learn about Crypto, find jobs in Crypto, hire people in Crypto, and who want to leverage Crypto to make the world a better place.

The first CryptoMondays was started in NYC on 1/8/18. Today, we have chapters in over 50 cities around the world (Shanghai, Los Angeles, Medellin, Tel Aviv, Paris, London, Miami, San Juan, Singapore, San Francisco, Malta, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Denver, Athens, Medellin, ....).

Join us for an incredible conversation at Dsgnrr Gallery, as we learn more about his art, his journey, and his own explorations of digital art from his traditional background. By the end of the night, we’ll all hopefully have answers to the following questions and more:

- What is an NFT?

- Why are some artists making them?

- Why are some artists avoiding them?

- Why are people showing interest in NFTs?

- Can an NFT make a physical piece of art more valuable?


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When & Where?


06. June 2022.


6 pm - 9 pm


Brooklyn Navy Yard, Building 77, Unit 1313


141 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11205

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Today, there are currently 20,000+ members in the CryptoMondays community.


The Artist & the NFT

A Conversation with Vuk Vuckovic

The world of Fine Art has had an interesting relationship with the concept of value since its inception. As Modern Society has continued to create digital solutions for practical problems, it’s only natural that tools would be created to continue this dialogue, and within the past two years, one such solution has taken the Art World by storm with three letters: NFT.

Non Fungible Tokens: digital content backed by cryptocurrency, transformed into digitally scarce files. As more and more creatives find meaningful expression through electronic means, the ability to create versions of files, like JPEGs and MP3s, that can never truly be duplicated, opens entirely new possibilities for what the definition of a piece of fine art can be.

One of the most exciting conversations, however, has been the meeting points of the traditional aspects of physical art, and the innovations behind NFTs. Tonight, we engage in conversation with acclaimed Serbian traditional artist Vuk Vuckovic. Globally recognized for his work, Vuk has recently begun exploring how NFTs can be of use to him both functionally and artistically.

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Registration is required for the event and access to the building

Dsgnrr Gallery

Dsgnrr’s art gallery is part of 3lite's team of art experts, interior designers and project managers, together with selected artists from Europe can produce custom work for our clients. We provide consultancy service for commission artwork, oversee the production and manage the delivery of the artwork.

We collaborate closely with the interior designers and the owner to create the vision, align expectations, and manage the process of providing unique artwork that match the budget. We take pride in our ability to provide a client-focused and personalized service. We develop mood boards, sketches, 3D renderings & visuals, and narratives to depict the vision of the art program.

We can deliver not only the artwork, but the framing, hanging mechanisms and custom lighting solutions for a fully inclusive art installation.

If you are an artist with an interest in Dsgnrr, it will be our pleasure to have you in our team full of talented people and your artworks in our gallery.

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