Last issue, we talked about bridging the technical and legal divide in construction contracts and claims and the role technology plays. This issue, we’d like to introduce our contribution to the industry and what we firmly believe is the most efficient tool that can be used for forensic analytics of construction documents, revolutionizing how we do our business. We’ve created a powerful platform simply called LUPA™,

LUPA™ is 3lite’s proprietary software that is used during claims, dispute resolution, arbitrations, vast change management, due diligences, peer reviews and other situations where vast quantities of documentation need to undergo forensic analytics.

Why is LUPA™ special?

LUPA™ is specially designed for the construction industry and developed by construction contracts & claims experts.


LUPA™ has forensic analytics programmed via a semantic algorithm which compiles logical phrases based on noun-verb-noun, rather than a simple word search.

LUPA™ is able to analyze 100’s of GB’s of documentation holistically without having to empirically exclude potentially significant data, as was done “in the old days”.

LUPA™ takes into consideration a variety of documentation formats such as .docx, .xlsx, and .pdf (OCR’d and inserted into the analytics).

LUPA™ has a structured method of uploading and reviewing documentation, taking into consideration various sources including emails (including the attachments and attachment content).

LUPA™ enables a quick overview of all findings with a “preview” mode of key phrases within the documentation, shortening the time to identify relevance without having to open documents individually.

LUPA™ allows for an easy way of flagging and sorting documentation as substantiation necessary for strengthening one’s contractual position.

LUPA™ has a customizable front-screen utilizing Microsoft BI’s presentation platform, enabling experts using LUPA™ to clearly present critical findings.

What does this mean in the practical world of construction contracts & claims?

Construction projects are notorious for being contractually bulky when it comes to documentation, traditionally mismanaged in terms of document control and more often than not, finish with a claim. The ability to react quickly and review a vast quantity of documentation without having to exclude 90% empirically, automatically strengthens one’s position in such situations. Moreover, simple word search tools or platforms developed industry-wide rather than industry-specific, simply don’t give the competitive edge that’s necessary to be on the winning side – simply because the ‘devil is in the detail’. Finally, the success of the platform still comes down to the knowledge, experience and expertise of the 3lite team.

We have extensive experience in construction contracts & claims and spent over 18 months developing the platform with a cutting-edge IT team. The knowledge programmed into the A.I. of LUPA™ is based on the following experience of the 3lite team:

  1. We have written and reviewed over 130 construction contracts in AIA, FIDIC, JCT, NEC and bespoke forms.

  2. We have worked on 4 continents in over 15 countries.

  3. Projects that we have been involved with from a contracts & claims perspective ranged from $20 million to $1.8 billion.

  4. We are actively involved in a dozen assignments including USA, Saudi Arabia, UK, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan – equally for developers and contractors.

  5. We have worked with some of the leading Global Legal Firms as expert advisors.

The possibilities of LUPA™ far outweigh what we are able to present in this article. That’s why we’d like to invite you for a 30-minute webinar walkthrough, arranged at your convenience, and led by our Principal, Mr. Vladimir Milovanovic and our Subject Matter Expert, Djorde Nedeljkovic who leads our LUPA™ work.